Modeling Experience:

This model is from my high school animation class utilizing the Mudbox stock model of a cow.  The goal of the assignment was to create an original land, sea, or air creature with paint and texture.




This model was made using the Mudbox T-Rex base model in my free time.  My goal was to convert the basic dinosaur model to that of a spiked winged dragon.  Note: the wings and some spikes broke in the 3-D printing process.






Amateur Art Experience:


The man with Many Mouths

“The Man with Many Mouths”

Macabre inspired portrait in pencil.



Smoke Demon

“Smoke Demon”

Skull shaped inspired Demon in pencil.




Semi-realism portrait in pencil based on photograph.




Mythology inspired cyclops portrait in pencil.


Flower Lady

“Flower Lady”

Floral inspired, focusing on floral detailing.  Full body portrait in pencil.



Font exercise: Song inspired minimalist graphic in pencil.


Hug It Out

“Hug It Out”

Font and Color exercise: focus on font, flow, color, and layout in colored pencil and pen.


“Saralyax: Alien Goddess”

Focus on creativity and graphics.

Completely Original full body drawing in pencil.